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What is Mass Communication?

Mass Communication :

    Mass Communication:
    Mass communication is a special kids of social communication the term ‘Mass’ means large or huge people.When communication you are five things –

  1. Large Audience

  2. No difference among audience

  3. Quick distribution of message

  4. Some form of message reproduction

  5. Low wait cost to the ustor.

Purpose of Mass Commnication

Purpose of Mass Commnication :

Mass communication conveys importance matters to mass people.A communication has several object or purpose in his mind to archieve through mas.] Communication the following are the notable purpose of mass communication

  1. To achieve the targeted the organization by motivating and influencing the target audience.

  2. To inform the public locally or globally.

  3. To raise public opinion

  4. To entertain to the people

  5. To grab the market place

  6. To salve employee problem

  7. To implement educational program

What is Association?

Association :

Association is a formal organization of people or groups of people.It acts with joyning with others.Relationship resulting from interaction is the ultimate classification and level of echological systems. Example:
  1. Political Association

  2. Religious Association

  3. Students Association

  4. Laborers Association

  5. Profesional Association

  6. Economic Association

  7. International Association

What are the Characteristics of Association?

The Characteristics of Association :

Association(a human group):
An association is formed or created by people.It is basically social group.

Common interest or interests:
An association is not merely a collection of individuals.It consists of those individuals who have more or less the same interests.

Co-operative Spirit:
An association is based on the co-operative spirit of its members.People work together to archieve some define purpose.

Association denotes some kinds of organization. An association is known essentially.

Regulation of relations:
Every associations has its own ways and means of regulating the relations of .

Association as agencies:
Association are means of agencies through which their members seek to realize their or shared interest.

What is Society?

Society :

A society is a collection of individuals united by certain relations or mode of behavior which mark them off from others who do not enter into these relations or who differ from them in behavior.

Society is the complex of organized associated and institutions with community.

Society is a web of relationship.

Write down the Characteristics of society

The Characteristics of society :

Consists of people:
Society is composed of people. Without people there can be no society, no social relationships, and no social life at all.

Mutual interaction and mutual awareness:
Society is a group of people in continuous interaction with each other.

Society depends on likeness:
The principle of likeness is essentials for society. It exists among those who resemble one another in some degree, in body and in mind.

Society rests on difference:
Society implies difference. A society based entirely on likeness and uniformities is bound to be loose in socialities.

Co-operation and division of labor:
Primarily likeness and secondary difference create the division of labour division of labor involves the assignment to each unit or group a specific share of a common task.

Society implies independence:
Social relationship are characterized by independence. As society advances, the area of independence also grows.

Society in dynamic:
Society is not static, it is dynamic.Change is ever present in society.

Social control:
Society has its own ways and means of controlling the behavior of its member. Co-operation, no doubt exists in society.

Society is distinct from the other. Every society is unique because it has its own way of life, called culture.

What is the Sociology?

Sociology :

Sociology is composed two words: Socins, meaning, companion or associate and logos meaning science or study. The systematic study of the relationship between the individual and society and of consequences of different types of relationship. Sociology is the science that deals with social groups.

Sociology is the science of collective behavior.

Sociology is the study of man and human environment in their relations to each other.

Sociology is the study of systems of social action and of their interrelations.

Sociology is the study of man-in-relationship to men.

Nature of Sociology

Nature of Sociology :

Sociology is an independent science:
Sociology has now emerged into an independent science as an independent science it has its own field of study, boundary and method.

Sociology is a social science and not a physical science:
Sociology belongs to the family of social science and not to the family of physical sciences.

Sociology is a categorical and not a normative discipline:
Society confines itself to statements about what is not should be or ought to be as a science, sociology is necessarily silent about questions of value

Sociology is a pure science and not an applied science:
A discipline is often made between pure sciences and applied sciences

Sociology is relatively an abstract science and not a concrete science:
This does not mean that sociology is an art bdoes not a science.it only means that sociology is not interested in concrete manifestation of human events.

Sociology is a generalizing and not a particularizing or individualizing science:
Sociology tries to find out the general laws or principles about human interaction and association about the nature form,content and structure of human groups and societies.

Sociology is a general science and not a special social science:
The area of inquiry of sociology is general and not specialized.It is concerned with human interaction and human life in general.

Finally, Sociology is both a rational and an empirical science:
Rational and Empirical science are two broad ways of approach to scientific knowledge.

What is institition?

Institition :

Institution is an organization founded and united for a specific purpose.Institutions are structures and mechanism of social order and cooperation for govering the behaiour of a set of individuals within a given premises.

Institution is as established organization specially dedicated to education, public service, culture or the area of th poor.It is a public, educational or charitable or organizations that promotes a partical cause or program and players a significant role in its enforcement.

What is Stratification?

Stratification :

Socialogists speak of social stratification to describe inequalities that exist between individuals and groups withinb the human society.Tn most cases we think of stratification in terms of assets or property but it can also occur because of other attributes such as gender, age, religion, military rank etc.

Individuals and groups enjoy different types of rewards based on their position within the stratification scheme.Thus stratification can be simply defined as structure inequalities between different groups of

Characteristics of Social Stratification

Characteristics of Social Stratification :

All socially stratified sysrtems share three characteristics :

i) The ranking apply to social categories of people who share a common characteristics without necessarily interacting or identifying with one another.Rof example, women may be ranked differently from man or wealthy people differently from poor.

ii) Peoples life experiences and opportunities depend healthy on how there social category is ranked.For Example, male or female black or white upper class or working class makes a big difference in terms of their life changes

iii) The ranks of different social categories tend to change very slowly over the time.For Example, In british society recently have women as whole began to get equality with the men.

Write down the features of Capitalism

The features of Capitalism :

  • 1.Capitalism is the private ownership of the means of production

  • 2.It deals with free competetion for market to sell goods

  • 3.It helps to acquire cheap material

  • 4.It helps to utilize cheap labour

  • 5.It helps to exponent the business

  • 6.It helps to develop the industry sector

  • 7.It is profit oriented

  • 8.It is self oriented

  • 9.Here owner made rules are requlated in most cases

  • 10.Here class difference are highly observed

What is difference between Society and Community?

Difference between Society and Community :

Society Community
1.Society is a web of social relationship . 1.Community is group or colelction of groups that inhabits a locality.
2.A definite geographical area is not an essential aspect of socity. 2.Community always denotes a definite locality or geographic area .
3.Society is abstract. 3.Community is concrete .
4.Society is wider.There can be one more than one community in a society. 4.Community is smaller than society
5.Society involves both likeness and difference. 5.Likeness is more important than difference in community.
6.The object and interests of society are more extensive and varied. 6.The object and interests of community are less extensive and varied.
7.Community sentiment may be presented or not in a society. 7.Community sentiment is the essential element of community.

What is difference between Capitalism and Socialism?

Difference between Capitalism and Socialism :

Capitalism Socialism
1.The sole motivation is greed, selfishness, and personal gain . 1.The sole motivation is pursuing the general welfare.
2.The underlying principle is competitive survival of the fittest without care for it adverse affects on others, the society in general, the environment and our planet. 2.The underlying principles is competitive.
3.The economy operates as a wasteful and inefficient "market economy" . 3.The economy is a planned economy.
4.The system produces crime, corruption, and injustice, along with extensive povety and suffering. 4.The system produces peace and social , justice, freedom from war, crime, terrorism poverty.
5.The system concentrates wealth in a minute portion of the population. 5.The system provides socially just sharing of income and wealth, the property of the society is owned by and used for the benefit of all.

Difference between religion and Morality :

Religion Morality
1.religion is the belief in and worship of a god any such system of belief and worship, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs . 1.Morality is the rules or principles concerned with the good and evil as manifest to us by conscience.
2.Religions ideas are embodied in the religion code.. 2.The moral ideas are embodied in moral code.
3.In religion the internal pressure is fear of god . 3.In morality it is the pressure of conscience.
4.Systems created & maintained by progrBehind the religious standard there is divine authority and the sanction of God. 4.The authority and sanction behind morality is society itself.It is not divine .
5.It is possible to follow a religion without holding any strong moral principles. 5.Use structurinIt is also possible to hold to a moral belief system without having any religions beliefs.

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